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Hi! I'm a boxset with cutters and molds, complete with a welcome video! 

Endless animal combinations! End Product is 3.8" sitting down and 4.5" standing.

Introducing the Ultimate DIY Boxset: Unleash Your Creativity!


Are you ready to embark on a crafting journey like no other? Say hello to our extraordinary boxset – your all-in-one solution for crafting magic.


With a combination of carefully crafted cutters and molds, this boxset opens the door to a world of possibilities. Create an array of charming animals with ease, and let your imagination run wild. The end product stands at an impressive 3.8" when seated and an adorable 4.5" when standing tall.



What's Inside: 

Our box set includes meticulously designed molds for the head, body, front and hind legs, ears, snout, eyes, and an array of intricate details. Each component is expertly crafted to ensure flawless results every time.


Versatile and Safe to Use: 

Designed to be versatile, our boxset is suitable for various mediums, including clay, resin, chocolate, fondant, sugar-paste, and even food materials. Craft with confidence, knowing that our materials are safe and easy to work with. Cleaning is a breeze – simply use baby shampoo when needed, and avoid soaking and alcohol.


Quality and Care: 

Crafted with attention to detail, our boxset offers you a unique crafting experience. Please note that this is a bespoke product, created on-demand to ensure the utmost quality. As such, we do not offer returns or refunds.


Missing Parts? 

We've Got You Covered: In the rare event that you encounter any missing parts, our dedicated team is here to assist. Just send us a message, and we'll promptly ship the missing items to you. Kindly note that shipping costs and taxes will be the buyer's responsibility.


Get Ready to Create: Are you prepared to dive into a world of creativity? Our DIY boxset is your ticket to crafting brilliance. From charming animals to imaginative creations, let your artistic vision shine.


Step into the world of crafting magic – order your DIY boxset today and bring your imaginative ideas to life!

Multi Animal Mold Set

SKU: 364215376135191
  • consists of head mold, body mold, front and hind legs, ears, snout, eyes and other small details.

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