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Terms and Conditions

Please NOTE that When you fill out our order form, you are agreeing to all our terms and conditions, the order form will not be submitted until you ticked off that box. Please read our terms carefully.

Please READ first, ORDER Link at the bottom of page. 

Ordering Cake Process


Submit order form. A team member will get back to you to discuss if the dates you requested is available. If we agree on date and time, we then will send you a Gcash / Paymaya number registered to chef- Jacquiline Florendo, or her husband Jens-Uwe Schreiber. We will only accept payments thru Gcash or Paymaya. Please do not send your payment thru any other channels, or other Gcash / Paymaya numbers. Once deposit is verified, feel free to send all of your design pegs, inspirations, color palettes and requests on instagram. Do NOT send on viber, whats app or imessage, as we want our conversation with you in a single thread to avoid mistakes and missed instructions. 

Deposit for celebration cakes is 2,000 per cake. Deposit for desserts is half of total bill.

Cake Base

If  you have allergic reaction to certain ingredients please let us know before we make your cake.

Your cake's crumbcoat is chocolate or white chocolate ganache, and the outermost covering is fondant. It has high sugar content and food color, we suggest for you not to eat it, peel off of fondant before serving. 

Fondant is sensitive to heat and humidity. It should be stored in a cool, dry place. Perfect setting is an air-conditioned room. 

WARNING: All toppers will contain armature- either floral wire, floral tape, tooth picks, skewers, straws, or pins. If separated cake is opted, please also be aware that apart from edible glue, we will be using HMA (hot melt adhesive), which is considered NON-Toxic. Please supervise children. 

Freshness of cake is guaranteed for 48 hours from delivery time. Please provide the correct environment for the cake or it will not make our guaranteed time.

Cake Design

Alterations and last minute changes will incur additional labor fees or/and we have the right to refuse additional edits.

We will do our best to follow your design inspiration as humanly possible. Please be reminded that the design pieces that goes to your cake are lovingly made by hand and might not be as identical to past work or your submitted design peg. Last day to submit theme and pegs would be 7 days before the event. Your toppers and design elements are made in advance, so under 7 days would be considered a last minute alteration.

As artists, we strive to make every cake as unique as possible. We cannot and will not copy other sugar artists' work to the tee. As respect to the cake community we can only take certain elements as inspiration.

We offer rough sketches only by request/with a fee. There is no guaranteed timeline with sketches, if we have a busy work week, we will not be able to provide sketches. We also do not revise sketches for every revision made by client. That is why it is important to send all your pegs 7 days prior to your delivery date. If no pegs have been received by this time, it is automatically assumed that we have been given the freedom to design in accordance to your theme on your submitted order form.

We do not provide sketches for clients with no deposits. 

If your requested cake design is too difficult for our team to handle we have the right to cancel your order and refund your 2,000 deposit.

Cake Packaging

Our standard cake boxes can only accommodate cakes of certain sizes. If your cake do not fit in any of our boxes we will just cover it with clear plastic. If you want a more secure packaging do let us know, there will be a charge for a customised box (made to order from supplier), and this needs to be requested before cake order form is submitted.


We cannot customize packaging and ribbons of cupcake, cookies and cake pop sets. We will let you know what is available depending on supplier's stock. Please be proactive in asking if you have a specific color/theme.

Returns, Refunds and Reschedules

If you are unhappy with your cake we do not offer refunds whether in full or partial for any reason. The best we can do is offer discount on your next cake order. 

The cake will remain at the cakeshop's risk until such time as they are picked up by the courier or client after which the bakeshop will be released of all liabilities.

Reschedules are welcome, no limit to rescheduling as long as within the year. It is free with proper notice of 5 working days or 7 days prior to delivery date, otherwise there will be a rescheduling fee of Php 600  for Cutie Size Php 950 for Standard and Elevated Standard, Php 1,540 for 8x4. Request scheduling fee for bigger cakes.


When you have a new date for your rescheduled cake, please advise us at least 1-2 weeks before. We will accommodate as long as we are not yet full for your new date. If there are changes to the design, delivery address, etc, please submit a new form instead.

Deliveries and Payments and Releases

As of September 2022 We have stopped booking deliveries for the clients. We had trouble finding enough lalamove drivers specially on rainy days or the weekend where all cakes are dispatched at the same time. This led to delays and complaints. To ensure satisfaction all clients need to arrange own pick up. To avoid charges or lalamove drivers canceling because of long wait please follow the time and date you indicated on your order form. If your driver arrives earlier than agreed pick up time, please expect a waiting period.


Please understand that we will not release order unless balance is fully paid. Please settle your balance 2 days before pick up date. We only have GCASH as our official mode of payment as it is the easiest and swiftest way we can validate your deposit. 

For Pick up pin and Map please click here.

If you book pick up thru Lalamove/Grab DO NOT book motorcycles. Please use Sedan for one tier, and SUV for multiple tiered cakes and/or for cake orders with give-aways and dessert boxes.

Kindly coordinate with our booking assistant Judelyn. She is in charge of all pick ups and bookings.

Contacting Us

Note that we have a lot of traffic in our social media messaging folder. Please be patient for replies. If you need to talk to us immediately, kindly give us a call thru this number: 02-8528-1377  

Operation hours: 8:30 am - 6 pm ONLY.

For changes and edits of order details ie; address, contact number, specially date and time GIVE US A CALL. For critical changes do not rely on messaging alone. Landline: 02-8528-1377 Cel: +63 945 556 5997

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