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Cake Order Form


You may input TBA if you are still undecided.

We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Earliest pick up time is 9:30 am. Latest is 9 pm. If you need your cake earlier pls have it picked up  the night before.

Choose a time

Strictly One Name Only for Single Tiered Cakes, unless for twins/triplets.

Please select zero for no age


Click the link to see prices and sizes. Price update for Sept 2024.

Please Note Square bases and Bigger cakes will have no box available but will be wrapped in clear plastic. Separated edible cake will be boxed and cling wrapped.

All cakes have a WHITE chocolate ganache crumbcoat EXCEPT for chocolate, Chocolate cake will have a dark brown crumbcoat. 

Sketches are custom artworks therefore additional labor and time away from actual cake production are factored in. Please understand that only 1 sketch will be provided. All revisions will be duly noted. We will walk you thru design process before Jackie submits the sketch.

Cake Sketch

Make sure this is correct. We will reach out thru your instagram inbox.


Please read carefully.

Again, Please read our terms before hitting send.
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