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a relaxed way of learning

Super intimate setting to provide an optimal learning experience. I created these courses specifically as a tranquil retreat for fellow sugar artists, allowing us to escape our busy work schedules and immerse ourselves in a day dedicated to creative exploration.

  • Nevertheless, this is a fully immersive class, so come prepared for a day filled with hands-on work. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing, preferably in light colors, and closed-toe shoes.

  • Aprons will be provided for your convenience. All necessary materials and ingredients will be supplied, so there's no need to bring anything to class.

  • Lunch, light snacks, and beverages will be provided throughout the day. If you have any specific dietary requirements, kindly inform us beforehand.

  • Each student will be assigned a caddy containing the necessary materials and tools. We have designated space for bags, so please refrain from bringing them to the production table.

  • Feel free to use your phones and cameras to capture unlimited photos and take notes during the class. However, recording videos will not be permitted.

  • Detailed handouts will be provided in PDF format, and we will also distribute notepads and pens for you to jot down your learnings from the class.

  • We will also supply you with boxes and containers for your take home projects.

  • The class will commence at 9 am and conclude at 6 pm.

  • If you wish to purchase tools, cutters, or molds, please inform us in advance so that we can ensure sufficient availability for everyone. Additionally, souvenir aprons will be available for purchase.

Every Course Highlight: Everyone will have a chance to participate in a lively Q&A session to clarify methods, seek guidance on specific aspects of cake decoration, or simply exchange creative ideas!

Ever since we began utilizing 3D printing to craft our own cutters, I have had the opportunity to personally design innovative cutters that accentuate the charming subtleties which make each flowers so wonderfully playful! I am so excited to share these delightful new creations with you!

Term and Conditions

1. **Booking and Payment**: To secure a slot, a reservation fee of P 5,000 is required. The remaining balance should be settled 5 working days before the start of the class. If not done, the reservation may be cancelled.


2. **Scheduling**: The studio reserves the right to reschedule students due to overbooking on a first-come, first-serve basis. For confirmation of slots, please call at least 3 days in advance.


3. **Cancellations and Rescheduling**: Any change in schedule or cancellation of classes due to unforeseen circumstances or acts of God will be announced on our Facebook page. The Studio does not offer refunds for cancellations or rescheduling. However, with proper notice, you may request a transfer of reservation to another party to continue enrollment. Students who opt for proxy enrollment without proper notice of 3 working days will forfeit the reservation fee.


4. **Operating Hours and Punctuality**: Operating hours are between 8 am - 7:30 pm, and lecture hours are from 9 am to 6:30 pm. Late students, and students who leave before the end of lecture will not be given makeup sessions. Please respect the schedule and the time of fellow students.


5. **Use of Content**: The materials, techniques, methods, and strategies learned during the workshop cannot be used in subsequent business efforts; like reteaching the trade, nor directly or indirectly market, distribute, and/or sell the information for a period of 5 years from the date of enrolment. This is to support the work and livelihood of fellow artists and business owners.


6. **Copyright**: All materials appearing on the Jackie Florendo website and handouts, referred to as “content,” are owned by Jackie Florendo. Unauthorized copying, reproducing, distributing, publishing, displaying, performing, modifying, creating derivative works, transmitting, or exploiting any content is strictly prohibited. Copying or storing any content except for personal use is expressly prohibited without prior written permission.


7. **Liability Waiver**: During the workshop, we'll be working with sharp objects like knives, cutters, and hot tools. Participants must exercise caution while using them. The workshop is not liable for any accidents or injuries resulting from this.


8. **Photography and Media Release**: By participating in the workshop, students give Jackie Florendo full rights to use and distribute copies of the images of them and their work during class, and/or all photos taken at the studio for advertisement or by sales.


By enrolling at the school, it is assumed that you have completely read, understood, and will comply with these terms and conditions.

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